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Magical Ice Cream

Magic Ice Cream is an ice-cream parlor that started from a childhood dream, that became a reality.
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Avital- Just The Way You Are

My studio gives a solution to women who are looking for a combination of a wig with a ribbon to be fashionable.
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The Army Marches On its Stomach

My dairy is the beating heart of the army base. A dairy food station, which is a meeting place, rest, energy storage and pleasure for the soldiers.
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The Power of Interest-Free Loans

Be True to You

Discover and lend to businesses that reflect your own values

Back Israel's Dreamers

Your loan supports the business owner, their community, and the country

Leverage the Crowd

The crowdfunding approach minimizes risk and maximizes opportunities for success

Multiply Your Impact

As the funds are repaid, give them new purpose by redirecting them to another business

Give With Dignity

Interest-free loans are good for the lender, the business, and the community

Foster Real Change

All businesses are vetted by SparkIL to validate their plan and social impact

The Impact of SparkIL

How Does it Work?


Choose a business you believe in and make a loan to it


When the business's funding goal is met, the funds are transferred


The business makes an impact and repays the loan


Redirect the funds to another worthy business, or withdraw them

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